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Not a happy kitty collage by nxellosd Not a happy kitty collage by nxellosd
Hope this loads up ok.

When these pics were taken i was not a happy camper, my adhesive for the mask was dried out so i had to resort to spirit gum, i didn't have enough time to try out the different ways to get my hair looking white, and i was generally in a bad mood because of people. HISSSSSS..... sometimes i hates the peoples.... I'm more of a loner, or maybe with one or two friends, but cramped in a hotel room with five or six people, and walking around a crowded convention. GHA! i'm still not completely recovered from it all, not to mention the car ride. And why do i do this to myself? Cause i like getting dressed up in costumes thats why! LOL.

Again this is my character Rune Nighthawk. the only place i have been able to reproduce the orange markings on him that does him any justice is on the face. he has more on his body and several of them are actual runes. He is in essence the most "me" of any of my characters, at least as far as a balanced ideal approaches.

stay tuned for next year i hope to have a better tail (though you can't see this one can you.... oops...), digigraded feet (only wearing boots again this year), and a full body-tard painted and colored for proper effect. (hopefully, i dream rather big).

The gloves, belt, pants, belt pouch, and mask were all made my be, the staff was augmented by me except for the nice hand grip.

I wish i could have gotten my hair a good white so i didn't look like an old graying tiger. and next time i think i'll see what it looks like if i leave more of my beard on my chin.

later everyone!
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DevDragoon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Well this is quite impressive. I particularly like the 3/4 shot. The full picture is outstanding. Well done all around.
Merkindesr Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
most excellent. I can tell that you a definately getting better. This prosthetic is very uniform.
nxellosd Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
Thanks, that good to hear from someone who does similar stuff. Now i just need to work on methods so i get a nice thin edge. One of my friends recommended large rubber bands to help hold the mold pieces together tighter. What do you use on your molds?
Merkindesr Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
actually, I just slush cast mine. I delute my latex down with distilled water a little bit, then I pour a small amount into the negative and only slosh it around the areas of the face I want the prosthetic to be. I then pour the excess back into the container from the bottom of the mold (where the chin sits) when I'm finished, I have a super thin prosthetic with really thin edges than fit to the face quite nicely.
nxellosd Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
hm, good idea for getting a thinner slush mask diluting it some with distilled water. I might have to try that out, and i might be able to use that with my mold/lifecast casting to make a thinner edge on a solid mask. Thanks for the tips.
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October 16, 2007
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